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Settlement services for Mortgage Lenders

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We will act as the liaison for you and work with abstractor, lawyer, lender and real estate agent to ensure the compliance of terms negotiated in the purchase of your home.

We will review all sale documents and ensure all parties to the transaction are in compliance with the terms negotiated,​ review tax prorations, assist in correcting any title problems, deed preparations by an attorney, coordinate any mortgage payoff and record necessary documents with the county recorder.

Our Services

We can provide closing services for mortgage lenders within and outside of Iowa. Our office is licensed in the state of Iowa to provide settlement services. Our Escrow Officers have over 30 years of experience with mortgage closings, as well as the laws that govern closing. Call us (319) 731-2500

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We are the source for ALL your real estate transactions. if YOU are SELLING or purchasing real estate, Premier escrow will provide YOU with ALL the necessary settlement services needed to complete the transaction.